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Пьеса Майка Бартлетта "Король Карл III"

This booklet has been prepared for Russian readers of Mike Bartlett’s play, King Charles III. It provides an introduction to the issues explored in the play, constitutional, historical and political information and some discussion of the Shakespearian parallels, followed by a detailed annotation of the text. It is intended to help teachers, students and general readers to enjoy reading and understanding an award-winning important contemporary play.

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King Charles III by Mike Bartlett : A commentary with annotations = Пьеса Майка Бартлетта "Король Карл III": комментарии / науч. ред. К. Хьюитт, под общ. ред. Б. М. Проскурнина; Перм. гос. нац. исслед. ун-т. – Пермь, 2019. – 51 с. - ISBN 978-5-7944-3322-7
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